Faceharm Reloaded

A Minecraft Server Emote Plugin
What is Faceharm Reloaded?

Faceharm Reloaded is a Minecraft plugin written in Java for Bukkit/Spigot servers. It is a continuation of the original Bukkit Plugin Faceharm by GDION recreated from scratch. The premise of this plugin is to allow players on the server this is installed on to be able to use chat commands as an emote, and more specifically to allow for them to comically harm their face or perform other actions, which announces to the rest of the server what occurred. This is a Minecraft EULA compliant plugin as it does not add additional functionality to players to give them an unfair advantage but just gives a comical/cosmetic way for players to interact.

Main Features

Faceharm Reloaded offers the following features:

  • Flexible configuration file to disable commands or features you don't wish to use on your server
  • Permission nodes to allow players to only run commands if they are given explicit permission to do so
  • Tab Complete compatibility to allow players to more easily see command options available to them
  • Lightweight and very low-resource usage, designed to allow little to no conflict between other plugins on your server

Why Faceharm Reloaded?

Faceharm Reloaded was made mainly for fun and entertainment. As a fan of the original Faceharm plugin by a friend of mine who goes by the username GDION in Minecraft, Faceharm Reloaded was developed as a continuation of that original work when development stopped.

While Faceharm Reloaded is a pretty basic plugin, it served as my first foray into Spigot Plugin development and offers something unique in terms of what it does. It's a great addition to any server looking for a nice emote plugin that is EULA compliant and a good bonus for donations, or just for those who want to have a little fun!


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Live Demo

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Faceharm Reloaded is super easy to install. Simply download the latest .JAR file, then drop that in your plugins folder in your Spigot server files. Once you've done that, restart your server and the plugin will create a new Faceharm Reloaded folder with the configuration file inside, where you can then configure the various plugin options. See the Installation Instructions on the Download tab for more detailed instructions.


Faceharm Reloaded offers configuration options to allow disabling of specific commands if needed. Each command is by default set to be enabled, however they can be turned off by setting the corresponding command option to "false" in the configuration file.

For example, if you'd like to disable the /face batman command, you would set the "batman" option to "false" in the config.yml file located in the Faceharm Reloaded plugin folder.


Faceharm Reloaded offers an assortment of options to harm your face and emote to other players. Here is a comprehensive list of all currently available commands and what they do.

  • /face - Lists all /face command options that you can use
  • /face palm - Slams your palm into your face
  • /face desk - Plummets your face into your desk
  • /face 31337 - Proves how eleet you truly are
  • /face /0 - Does the impossible to your face
  • /face batman - Become the Batman
  • /face cactus - Cringe in virtual pain as you slide your face along a cactus
  • /face car - Smash your face through a car window
  • /face cat - Sacrifice your face to demon-spawn
  • /face chucknorris - All roads lead to Chuck Norris
  • /face doge - Wow, such doge. Very meme.
  • /face explode - Blow up your face
  • /face feels - Take a feels trip with your face
  • /face furnace - Stick your face into a very hot place
  • /face keyboard - Crush your keyboard with your face
  • /face lightning - Summon Thor upon your own face
  • /face nail - Impale a nail into the center of your skull
  • /face nuke - Nucler Launch detected - face destruction imminent
  • /face shark - Don't wait 30 minutes before swimming and see what happens to your face
  • /face singularity - Submit to the event horizon as the last thing you will ever see
  • /face skyrim - Fus-Ro-Dah your own face
  • /face suicide - Destroy your face in all ways imaginable
  • /huehue - Huehuehuehuehuehuehue!
  • /hug - Hug another player... or yourself
  • /lego - Force another player to step on a Lego
  • /slap - Slap another player whenever you feel like it


Faceharm Reloaded offers permission nodes for each command available. Here is a comprehensive list of all available permission nodes and what they do.

  • faceharm.* - Wildcard permission - Provides access to ALL Faceharm commands
  • faceharm.face.* - Face Wildcard permission - Provides access to all /face commands, but not commands that don't start with /face
  • faceharm.face.list - Allows the player to use the /face command to see a list of /face command options they have access to
  • faceharm.face.palm - Allows the player to use the /face palm command
  • faceharm.face.desk - Allows the player to use the /face desk command
  • faceharm.face.31337 - Allows the player to use the /face 31337 command
  • faceharm.face.divisionbyzero - Allows the player to use the /face /0 command
  • faceharm.face.batman - Allows the player to use the /face batman command
  • faceharm.face.cactus - Allows the player to use the /face cactus command
  • faceharm.face.car - Allows the player to use the /face car command
  • faceharm.face.cat - Allows the player to use the /face cat command
  • faceharm.face.chucknorris - Allows the player to use the /face chucknorris command
  • faceharm.face.doge - Allows the player to use the /face doge command
  • faceharm.face.explode - Allows the player to use the /face explode command
  • faceharm.face.feels - Allows the player to use the /face feels command
  • faceharm.face.furnace - Allows the player to use the /face furnace command
  • faceharm.face.keyboard - Allows the player to use the /face keyboard command
  • faceharm.face.lightning - Allows the player to use the /face lightning command
  • faceharm.face.nail - Allows the player to use the /face nail command
  • faceharm.face.nuke - Allows the player to use the /face nuke command
  • faceharm.face.shark - Allows the player to use the /face shark command
  • faceharm.face.singularity - Allows the player to use the /face singularity command
  • faceharm.face.skyrim - Allows the player to use the /face skyrim command
  • faceharm.face.suicide - Allows the player to use the /face suicide command
  • faceharm.huehue - Allows the player to use the /huehue command
  • faceharm.hug - Allows the player to use the /hug command
  • faceharm.lego - Allows the player to use the /lego command
  • faceharm.slap - Allows the player to use the /slap command


After downloading, it is recommended you review the Configuration/Permissions tab, which explains how to configure the plugin.
Downloads will soon also be available on SpigotMC.

  • Current Version

    This is the latest and recommended version of Faceharm Reloaded.

    Plugin Version Compatible MC Versions File Size Date Published Changelog
    1.1.15 1.16 119 KB June 30, 2021 Click to View
  • Previous Versions
    Faceharm Reloaded currently has no previous versions available for download.
System Requirements

In order to use Faceharm Reloaded, you will need the following:

  • Java: Version 8 (1.8) or greater
  • Server Software: Spigot (Note that Paper will likely work but is not supported)

Installation Instructions

Take the following steps to install Faceharm Reloaded on your Minecraft Server:

  1. Stop your server.
  2. Download the Faceharm Reloaded JAR file to your server plugins directory.
  3. Start your server.
  4. Configure any options you wish to modify in the config.yml folder found in the newly created Faceharm Reloaded folder.
  5. Assign permissions to users/groups with the permissions plugin of your choice.
  6. Restart your server.
  7. That's it! You are now set to use Faceharm Reloaded!