Jeremy's Websites


Over the course of the last 4 years, I have created a handful of websites both for in-class school work, as well as for fun, which ultimately has given me deeper knowledge and appreciation for web development, both on the front end and back end.

On the front end I work with standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with jQuery knowledge included in that as well. On the backend I work primarily with PHP, however I have worked on a project in ASP.NET. That particular project is something I did internally for my job at Swipeclock.

Click on the screenshots or links below them to visit some of the sites I've worked on or see a webpage about them if it is not publicly accessible.

HUB Admin System

An Administrative System for Swipeclock's HUB Product. Written in ASP.NET and uses JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS.

Failproof Photography

The website built for my sister Jordyn for her Photography Business. We also reused this design for her site Failproof Art, which is a collection of her artwork made during school.

Failproof Tech - CSIS 2470

The website I made for the CSIS 2470 course at SLCC. Examples of advanced JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, HTML and CSS.

Failproof Tech - CSIS 2440

The website I made for the CSIS 2440 course at SLCC. Examples of PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

TrinityCraft Survival

The website for my Minecraft Server, TrinityCraft Survival. Built using the Enjin CMS and modified using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Failproof Sites

The admin panel for my clients to use in managing their websites that I host. Written in PHP, with JavaScript, jQuery, HTML and CSS.

Failproof Tech - CSIS 1430

The website I made for the CSIS 1430 course at SLCC. Examples of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.