Swipeclock Projects

Below is a collection of tools/utilities I have built using various Swipeclock APIs. Click on the buttons below to see the various projects in action!

TimeWorksPlus Projects
These are various utilities to perform tasks in TimeWorksPlus


This tool allows logging in as an employee or manager to see what they see in their portal. Useful for troubleshooting and fixing employee-specific issues.
Now with WorkforceHub support!

Bulk Employee Utility

Similar to the Bulk Employee Import Utility built into TimeWorksPlus, allows for mass changes to employees in TimeWorksPlus. This tool currently only allows for changing of employee codes.
Additional features coming soon!

Employee Punch Copier

Need to copy punches from one site to another? Now you can! This utility allows for copying punches from one site to another on a per-employee basis.

SSN Copier

This tool allows Swipeclock Partners to copy SSNs from the SSN field to the Employee Code field en masse. Useful for clients who use the SSN field as the unique identifier.
Requires Acountant-level API access.

Activity File Compiler

This tool allows downloading CSV export files for all clients under a partner at once into a single combined file.
Requires Accountant-level API access.
Still under development, minor bugs.

Custom Report Generator

Want to pull data out of TimeWorksPlus in a custom format? The Custom Report Generator will allow you to do that!
Currently under development.

ApplicantStack Projects
These are various API Utilities to Perform Tasks in ApplicantStack

ApplicantStack API Utility

A webpage that allows calling various API methods to test out what data is returned to test functionality.
Now with PUT and POST functionality!

Candidate Bulk Upload

Allows bulk uploading of ApplicantStack Recruit candidate records from a CSV File.
Currently under development.

Hire Bulk Upload

Allows bulk uploading of ApplicantStack Onboarding hire records from a CSV File.
Currently under development.

For-Fun Projects
These are various projects built just for fun or to test things out

Product Name Generator

A fun little random name generator using Swipeclock Product names. If you need a good chuckle, you came to the right place!

Unified Login

A proof of concept that allows you to login to any TimeWorksPlus or WorkforceHub account from the same page. Say goodbye to having two separate links!

ApplicantStack API Test

Just a simple test of the ApplicantStack API which will retrieve all jobs, candidates, and hires from my test account.

WFHUB Admin System
A collection of UI Concept designs for an admin system for Swipeclock's WFHUB/HUB line of products

Concept Design 1

This design features a top-menu with a search and settings, and a left menu to access all pages/features.

Concept Design 2

This design is very similar to concept number one, except the profile is located in the top menu instead of in the left menu.

Concept Design 3

This design features only the left menu and no top menu. This provides more screen space to the admin-user.